Final Documents
For my final presentation, I developed a PowerPoint to guide my audience through the presentation. The PowerPoint covered the project definition, project requirements, plans, tasks, accomplishments, strategies, extensions, and advice. There was also a live demonstration in the middle of the presentation. The documents in the 'Guides' and 'Before and After' sections will provide a generalization of what I presented during the live demonstration.
Final Presentation

I have developed two 'how to' guides that show the user how to perform every function in the Visual Basic program and the Web interface. These are both PowerPoints that have various screenshots and explanations. However, for easier web viewing, I saved them as PDFs for my website. I decided to include them on my website because they are great visual aids for how my programs work. Because they both incorporate current, live data, it is impossible for me to give anyone access, but these documents will give you a great feel of what my project is and how it works.
Web Interface     Visual Basic Program

Before and After
I have developed two documents that show before and after screenshots of both the Visual Basic program and the web inteface, including explanations of all changes made. There are also screenshots and explanations for any new forms or webpages I created. The document for the web interface contains an explanation of the changes I made to the new scheduling system, but there was much more than I discussed that went into creating it. Click here to visit a webpage that goes into further detail about the processes I went through to get to the point I am today, solely on design aspects.
Web Interface     Visual Basic Program

Workflow Diagrams
I have developed a diagram that illustrates the main tasks for the Administrator. On the left hand side is the workflow diagram for assigning a student to a tutor. The right side shows other administrative tasks. I have also developed a diagram that illustrates the tasks that a Tutor would perform from the Web Interface. Squares represent tasks, diamonds are decisions, and cylinders are tables in the database.
Administrator Diagram     Tutor Diagram

Initial Analysis
I have developed a task list that describes each new feature that the tutors and Carole wants to see. Along with the description is a priority rank, difficulty rank, date of completetion, and comments about how to implement the feature.
Web Task List     Visual Basic Task List

I have developed a project proposal for Carole Basak, Associate Director of Academic Support, to sign. In this, it lists the procedures and training that I will be performing. It also lists both of our responsibilities to contribute to the overall success of the project.
Project Proposal