Ever since I was a kid I have been exposed to different technologies. Growing up my parents worked at an electronics store where I often was exposed to the "latest and greatest's." I believe this is where my love for computers and new technologies began. As I grew older and got my own PC, I was always trying different things on it, some good some really bad. I think I broke more computers when I was young, than my parents could afford. When I encountered a problem, i always tried to fix it myself. At first I wasn't very successful, but the more I tried the better I got.

I find myself today often doing the things I did as a child. I get a new toy, and just can't leave it alone. I always have to try and modify it in some way or make it better. again, sometimes this isn't always the best scenario, but I learn a lot from my mistakes. I believe that in a field such as computer science sometimes the failures teach you more than success does. When you fail you are able to build off what you did wrong and avoid that problem in your next project.

In a field like computer science, you can never be scared of the unknown. Things are constantly changing, and are impossible to keep up with. If we hold back, we'll miss out. I believe that it is essential to always be testing out new technologies, and thinking futuristic, because what seems impossible won't be for long.

As graduation approaches, and the reality of having to get a job grows, I find myself excited because I finally get to put what I've learned, and what I love to do to use. I can't wait to apply my knowledge to real life applications, and see my creations being used in an actual work environment.