Project: Jukebox for Seniors
Personal Philosophy
Before I came to St. Norbert College, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I felt different from a lot of my peers because it seemed that they have been thinking about what they wanted to study their entire lives. After a very stressful first year, I still had no idea what I wanted to study. However, my roommate took CSCI 110 and he seemed to enjoy it. I signed up for it for the next semester and after two weeks of taking it, I became more intrigued with what more can be done with code. I immediately declared it as my major. With Computer Science, I was able to develop an understanding about something a lot of people do not think about. It also forced me to think in a way that was unfamiliar to me. One of the coolest things about programming is being able to create something out of almost nothing.

I've always enjoyed helping people. Through programming, I am able to accomplish this in some way. Finally, programming allows me to continue learning, even after graduation. The field constantly evolves so even if I think I know everything (I don't), there is still more to explore and understand. That is what keeps it exciting and why I cannot imagine anything else I would rather do.

About the class
This class is the capstone experience for the St. Norbert College computer science major. It contains all of the objectives from every computer science course I have taken up to this point. This class is about developing presentation and communication skills, developing skills necessary to learn on our own and learn about the discipline required for a position in the software development world. Our individual project is the main focus of the class and we have to use everything we have learned in order to make it a successful one.