Health Game
Laura Staver


     I stumbled upon computer science as a sophomore at St. Norbert College when I was taking an introductory course to fulfill a requirement for my mathematics major. I have always been very creative but not enough to make a career out of anything artistic, so I turned my attention to the sciences that I also enjoyed. Computer science showed me that art and science could be intertwined.
     I see coding at structured creativity. We have to work within the bounds of a language or operating system, but other than that we can make so many choices that will affect so many people. A programmer needs to always keep the user in mind but also make something they're proud of. Although I hold my user interface designs to a high standard, I hold my code to a higher standard. It needs to be readable, decisive, and every line needs to have a purpose that will only improve future lines of code.
     My main philosophy for coding is this: enjoy the ride. The outcome is often exciting, a relief, and hopefully functional but I've never had an instance where using my program was more fun than making it. I hope that programming never becomes "just a job" for me because art should always drive the artist forward and bring meaning to the work they do each day.