Emily Techmeier

St. Norbert College


Major:  Computer Science

Concentration:  Graphic Design and Implementation Systems

Minor:  Music


Graduating May 2015


Hometown:  Marinette, WI

Campus involvement: Vice President of Cru, Principle Oboist in Wind Ensemble




Philosophy Statement:


In my search for colleges, I was considering a major in either Graphic Design, Music, or Audio Engineering.  I was all set to go to DePaul University in Chicago and double-major in Music (on my oboe) and Sound Production, a cool program that offered two things I wanted.  This was a perfect plan...until I toured St. Norbert and fell in love with the campus.  My mind was changed and I knew I was supposed to be here.  However, the closest things I could do to what I wanted were either an Art major with a Graphic Design concentration, or a Computer Science major with a Graphic Design concentration.  I knew I didn't want to have to take all of the fine art classes that I would have to take with an Art major, so I dove into a Computer Science major with zero clue of what that meant.  However, CS 110 came pretty naturally to me, and after that semester I knew I was in the right field.  I even dropped my Graphic Design concentration for a while (only to pick it back up a year and a half later) because I loved it so much and disliked my art class.


I've second-guessed my choice of major along the way more times than I'm probably willing to admit, but now that I've made it through all the classes I didn't understand and techniques I never wanted to think about using ever again, I'm glad I stuck with it.  Computer Science for me is a major unlike any other, where you truly get to create things that are both artistic and functional.  I get to combine both my desires to be logically oriented and artistically creative at the same time, and create things that I'm truly proud of.  This final semester is exciting for me, because I get to use both of those mindsets to create something from start to finish that can actually be used and enjoyed by people.  My work, even while still in school, can have a purpose, and that's very empowering.  Computer Science is a field I'm excited to work in, and my time here at St. Norbert studying it have been years I will forever cherish.




Emily Techmeier - 2015